At times, we (as a collective whole of people) don’t entirely understand the value, importance, effort, or impact of things until they are shared in a perspective we can relate to. Here at Moonshot by Pactera EDGE, we’re taking on that unmet need to help our community of innovators, thinkers, designers, leaders, etc. digest some of the rich insights we aggregate and come across over the year.

We’re starting with the world of Voice. The Voice industry has actually been around for decades! Decades! But there comes a time, a literal time, when society i.e. business and consumers acclimatize and adopt a technology more readily. This timing is called zeitgeist fit – and we in the midst of that with Voice experiences. Throughout the year, we’ll be taking a different angle on Voice Industry insights to share how it’s evolving in: consumer behavior, uses, contexts, design, philanthropy, personality, the future of voice and more – so, let’s get started!

Download the infographic here.

Mark Persaud

Mark Persaud

Practice Lead, Immersive Reality