It is clear to me from my conversations with clients and colleagues that immersive realities such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) hold tremendous potential. But immersive reality also inspires questions – lots of them. How exactly do you make the distinction between AR, MR, and VR? Are they right for every organization and, if not, for which ones? For businesses ready to get started testing immersive reality, what’s the best approach?


To answer those and many other questions, Moonshot has published a new resource that will help executives get started supporting your business growth with immersive reality: The Executive Guide to Immersive Reality.

You have probably seen the same exciting examples I have of companies applying AR, MR, and VR to reimagine the way workers are trained, products are designed, and a host of other business uses. But there have been failures, too, and the launch of applications that no one really love.

At Moonshot, we believe that immersive reality has the opportunity to fuel business growth through the creation of customer-centric lovable products. But success with immersive reality is certainly not assured.

The key to creating lovable products with immersive reality is to use an agile development process rooted in customer empathy. Our guide, based on our client experiences and insights, is designed to help you get started doing just that.

At Moonshot, we live for emerging experiences such as immersive reality. We recently used Apple’s recently launched ARKit to design our own lovable application, Tango Teacher – an app that teaches you how to tango (I used it myself before I got married as I prepared to dance at my wedding reception). We believe that building immersive reality apps for the sake of building shiny apps accomplishes nothing. But when immersive reality is used to solve real needs such as dancing or learning how to design a product, everyone wins – most of all, the customer.

We decided to capture our experiences and thinking through this guide – with you, the executive decision maker, in mind.

I invite you to download a copy and compare what you read against what you’re hearing. Chances are, someone in your industry is applying immersive reality because using immersive reality to fuel business growth with lovable products is achievable now. But it’s essential to employ the right development process allows your business to test the rapidly evolving forms of immersive reality in a more cost-effective way.

After you read the guide, I encourage you to contact us. We’re here to help businesses prepare themselves to test and learn with emerging technologies. Please check out The Executive Guide to Immersive Reality and let me know what you think.