Crain’s Chicago Business says that “Chicago is starting to look like a real tech town.” As Chicago’s tech scene continues to gain momentum, the startups and enterprises that make up Chicago’s technology ecosystem have an opportunity to help solve the needs of Chicago’s 77 diverse neighborhoods. But the tech ecosystem needs to work together to make a difference.  Many enterprises continue to function in silos, while startups are hustling to scale their products as fast as possible. The speed of technology adoption brings a sense of urgency to teams of all sizes hoping to attract and maintain the best talent possible. Furthermore, accelerators and incubators are popping up all over Chicago to help bring teams together to work more collaboratively.

Having been founded in 1871, we are major believers in the value of ecosystems. To support Chicago’s efforts of becoming an even stronger center for technology and innovation, we’ve launched a series of workshops at the Chicago Connectory. The recurring workshop, titled Design Sprints with Moonshot, empowers participants with the ability to use design sprints to accelerate the human-centric adoption of technologies such as internet of things, voice, and immersive reality to solve today’s business problems in a way that mitigates cost and risk.

We conducted our first workshop June 27; our second will be held July 31. Here’s where you can sign up.

Design Sprints Are a Trojan Horse for Cultural Change

Design sprints completely change how teams work together. They get people excited about a new, better way of working. Time and again businesses tell us that their teams become more agile, collaborative, and fulfilled when they integrate design sprints into how they work.

We’ve been helping organizations improve their businesses and empower their cultures using design sprints for quite some time. We recently helped the City of Chicago discover a new way to use mobile experiences to help citizens renew their vehicle stickers. One of the critical success factors was to help the city co-create solutions to meet the needs of the city’s diverse collection of neighborhoods. We leveraged design sprints to help the city achieve its goals. Design sprints helped the product development team become more empathetic to the needs of the city’s diverse population, as we actively involved citizens in the product design (more about that here).

During our workshop at the Connectory, we’ll give participants tips for how to conduct successful design sprints. We want to inspire people to be excited about design sprints, and we also seek to provide hands-on learnings for conducting them. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will understand the basic concepts behind a design sprint.

It’s Not Just About Chicago

The movement for changing the way we work together is global. We are fortunate to be active members of the Google Sprint community, helping teams adopt new ways of working to drive cultural change. Here are a couple stories of last year’s event (“Monsters and Magic Moments” and “The Human Factor”). We’ll be joining the third un-conference in Boulder, Colorado this fall and are looking forward to bringing back the things we learn to continue to accelerate Chicago’s transformation.

Join Us

The workshops are an outcome of a relationship we announced with the Connectory in April, through which Moonshot is collaborating with the Connectory to help businesses accelerate IoT technology adoption. Although our relationship focuses on internet of things technology, the design sprint workshop will help executives regardless of the technology you deploy. We are thrilled to collaborate with the Connectory. Stay tuned – there’s much more to come.

To learn more about succeeding with design sprints, join us on July 31. Meanwhile, we’ve never been so excited to be part of Chicago’s vibrant community of innovators.

Mike Edmonds

Mike Edmonds

Managing Director, VP Product